Does anyone recognise this rash?

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bumpsadaisy11 Tue 21-Apr-20 22:39:28

I wonder if anyone can help me. My son has been in isolation for several weeks now, because he has an underlying health condition.
He has developed this non itchy rash. It has got worse since this photo was taken & is now covering the whole of his torso, some on his back & some on his arms.
Does anyone have any ideas of what it might be?

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Scootingthebreeze Tue 21-Apr-20 22:45:34

I believe it looks like hives from an allergic reaction of sorts? (I'm not a medic)

BigBairyHollocks Tue 21-Apr-20 23:14:37

Looks like hives from an allergic reaction to me too.Have you got any antihistamines he could take? Is his breathing ok? If not you need to call 999.

bumpsadaisy11 Wed 22-Apr-20 08:42:06

Thank you both. I was just quite worried because he said that he hadn't eaten/drunk anything new or changed his washing powder.

He has taken some antihistamine, so hopefully he should see some improvement soon.

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Scootingthebreeze Wed 22-Apr-20 19:39:35

Sometimes my DC comes up in hives for no identifiable reason but hopefully you can pinpoint what it was!

BigBairyHollocks Wed 22-Apr-20 20:57:15

Hi @bumpsadaisy11 how is he today?

Tanfastic Wed 22-Apr-20 21:34:38

Looks a bit like intertrigo. I sometimes get this under my boobs in hot weather. Itches like mad.


Kab30 Wed 22-Apr-20 21:40:44

Hives ....shouldve calmed down with antihistamine xx

Grasspigeons Wed 22-Apr-20 21:44:08

Hopefully its calmed down and was hives. If not pityriasis rosea is a suggestion. (My son gets hives from allergies but he has also had pitriasis and it looked pretty similar)

bumpsadaisy11 Wed 22-Apr-20 22:30:28

The rash has continued to worsen, but since taking the antihistamine it has lightened in colour.
Is it possible for hives to be caused by stress? As his partner of 4 years walked out on him & he has had to deal with it all alone in isolation.
He doesn't feel ill in himself, but he is rather worried about the rash.
Thanks to you lovely ladies, I have been able to put his mind at rest.
Thanks to each & everyone of you, I really do appreciate your advice & support x

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ChittyChittyBoomBoom Wed 22-Apr-20 22:38:21

Did it begin with a single, large patch that looked a bit like ringworm? My dd had this and a rash over her torso followed. It was pityriasis rosea as a pp suggested.

ChippyMinton Wed 22-Apr-20 22:40:47

Has he has a cold recently? Could be a post-viral rash.

EsmesRedPetticoat Wed 22-Apr-20 22:45:20

Yep I concur with hives/urticaria. I get it when I am cold (!) and my DD gets it sometimes after a virus. It goes down with anti-histamines.

cathyandclare Wed 22-Apr-20 22:48:15

It looks like pityriasis rosea to me

BigBairyHollocks Wed 22-Apr-20 22:57:00

I can’t help sorry but hope it improves

Scootingthebreeze Thu 23-Apr-20 07:42:59

Yes hives can be caused by stress.
I would say that I posted on here about whether to still go to GP about issues in the current climate and was reassured that it's fine. I'd therefore suggest he rings GP this morning as he could most likely ask to email a picture to them for possible diagnosis

ElizabethMainwaring Thu 23-Apr-20 07:46:39

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

LeGrandBleu Thu 23-Apr-20 08:46:18

Covid-19 has skin manifestations including hives.

Does he have any other symptoms?

bumpsadaisy11 Thu 23-Apr-20 23:14:25

Hi everyone,

To answer some of your questions, no he hasn't got any other symptoms at all.

He suffers from Type 1 diabetes & literally the day before lock down began, he came out of hospital after being very very poorly with Diabetic Ketoacidosis, which can be life threatening.( while he was in hospital his partner dumped him by text)

He has been in isolation ever since coming out of hospital & is petrified of getting ill again, so the rash sent him into complete turmoil.

Thanks to your lovely ladies & your excellent advice I have been able to reassure him & it looks like the antihistamine are working because the report from him tonight was that the rash is improving x

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Scootingthebreeze Fri 24-Apr-20 21:45:55

Glad it seems to be improving and he feels calmer. Hopefully it's onwards and upwards now

Orchardgreen Fri 24-Apr-20 21:53:04

Pityriasis rosea. I’ve had it.
I’m a doctor

Mollymalone123 Fri 24-Apr-20 21:59:15

I had pityriasis rosea too and it looked like that- on torso- could be a bit itchy and rash stays quite a few weeks but antihistamine would have helped with itching - hope he picks up soon- he’s had a rough time of it!

Orchardgreen Fri 24-Apr-20 22:17:34

I did find that slapping on Diprobase cream helped. Cooling and moisturising.

BigBairyHollocks Fri 24-Apr-20 22:25:21

I’m glad it’s improving. Sounds like he has had a tough time. I hope he feels physically and emotionally better soon.

bumpsadaisy11 Fri 24-Apr-20 23:29:12

That is great everyone. Special thanks to @orchardgreen for your help.

He will be very relieved to hear what it is.

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