Is ovarian cancer a possibility at 22?

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thistooshallpassx Tue 21-Apr-20 16:12:52

I am only 22 but seem to have a lot of symptoms of ovarian cancer. I'm bloated a lot I have a lot of fullness in my pelvic area and increased urgency to wee sometimes. When I feel my lower pelvic region on my left side it feels harder than my right and like there are some lumpy areas. I feel quite worried about it and not sure what to do. I know its very rare at my age but something doesn't feel right.

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Imboredinthehouse Tue 21-Apr-20 17:20:53

Well it’s not impossible but I will just say that when my young, worried sister went to the dr and said about bloating and lumps on the left hand side she was mortified when the dr told her it was faeces that she was feeling.
Any tiredness? Change in periods? Does the bloating come and go or is it constant? Are you able to eat a full meal?
If you are concerned phone and book a telephone consultation with the Dr, they are even doing video consultations so will be able to see your stomach/bloating and they will decide on if you need to go in for an examination.
It’s awful to be worrying about something so serious so do phone the dr.

FishingPaws Tue 21-Apr-20 17:58:32

Not impossible, very unlikely, but not impossible.

There are other things which are far more likely (constipation or even an ovarian cyst) but the symptoms you're describing ought to be checked by a doctor asap.

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