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DD fell onto a pencil and nearly had her eye out

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Franniban Fri 14-Sep-07 20:39:31

Luckily she missed her eye, by a couple of mm, but it was a horrible horrible experience. She has got it sterrie stripped, and I;ve had to change it at least twice today, but I'm worried about it scarring, just under her left eye. She's just 2. I've heard that vitamin e oil is great for this, any suggestions. Feel so bad for her,and feel so guitly, even though it was a freek accident.

WorkersforfreEdam Fri 14-Sep-07 20:44:05

Ouch. Try not to feel guilty. I know we all do when accidents happen, but you honestly aren't to blame. Have heard the same about vit e. Has to be worth a try. If she has any bruising, try arnica.

Franniban Fri 14-Sep-07 20:51:25

Should I get arnica cream? She has a real shinner. sad

southeatsastras Fri 14-Sep-07 20:54:07

leave it to heal naturally it will be fine. poor thing ow

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