Lump on back of neck

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dayss Mon 20-Apr-20 15:57:58

21 year old daughter has just told me she has a pea sized, non moveable lump on the back of her neck, 2inches away from her hairline, been there for a while.
She is a power lifter so back squats 120kg, and the bar rests directly on the lump, so it could be that, but she hasn't heavy squatted in a while and it hasn't disappeared or shrunken in size. She doesn't want to go to ring the doctor and waste their time during these times as she's adamant it's from heavy squatting and harmless.
Has anyone else had lumps appear from back squats, or heard of it? I really want her to get it checked out as it's been there for a while now.

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MargotEmin Mon 20-Apr-20 16:04:54

Yes I had two exactly as you described, quite hard. They seemed to appear out of nowhere.

I had one doctor dismiss them without even examining them, said they were likely to be cysts. And a second doctor who was furious at the first, he didn't like the fact they were hard and painless. He examined my groin and arm pits, took some blood and it came back as toxoplasmosis which resolved itself over time.

MargotEmin Mon 20-Apr-20 16:05:54

Sorry I mean yes I had lumps, no experience of back squats sorry.

Minnie747 Sun 26-Apr-20 01:16:57

It could be a bone spur. Wolfes law, bone being laid down where it is required for strength (for the bar). Human bodies are very clever like that.

Namechangervaver Sun 26-Apr-20 01:20:13

GPs are very quiet at the moment due to routine things being cancelled. Phone your GP. You will not be wasting anybody's time.

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