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Please help me, just been to dr who says he wants to test for diabetes and thyroid, how serious would either be? I am scared

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WideWebWitch Fri 14-Sep-07 16:17:26

Thanks. My only symptoms are a dry mouth, which has only been there for about a week. Blood test next Tuesday but what if I do have a problem with either, what does it mean?

Thanks. I feel very shaky at the thought, have never been in hospital or had anything much wrong with me before.

Mercy Fri 14-Sep-07 16:22:57

I wouldn';t worry too much at this stage WWW (easier said than done, I know). Blood tests seem to be a pretty routine way of 'measuring' a whole number of things. And more likely to be done as a first step when you are around 40 (sorry, not sure how old you are)

Iklboo Fri 14-Sep-07 16:24:29

Both are v v v treatable so try not to worry. Most Drs test for the "big" things to rule them out first before anything else

WideWebWitch Fri 14-Sep-07 16:25:19

I am around 40. Exactly 40 in fact! I feel v tearful.

Notquitegrownup Fri 14-Sep-07 16:25:20

Hi WWW. I believe that either condition is only serious if it is not diagnosed. Both can be serious, but if detected can be easily controlled by medication and/or changes in diet. My mum has been treated for both problems for years, and is fit and well.

I think that they are fairly standard tests, usually used to rule out these problems. I know that I was tested for both when feeling particularly run down. I was clear - diagnosed with "having two boys" in my case.

I'm sure that other experts will be along. Sending best wishes for Tues in the meantime.

RubyRioja Fri 14-Sep-07 16:25:24

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MarinaLaPasionaria Fri 14-Sep-07 16:26:32

OK, steady tiger, these tests are almost routine for ladies of a certain age who anything other than a size ten.
Diabetes will be type 2, which if it is caught early and managed well with diet and exercise, can mean either no drugs at at all or oral insulin.
Thyroid deficiency is managed with a small pill of thyroxin. It can take a few months for all concerned to get you on to the optimum dosage, but once that is sorted, end of problem.
Lots of love, I'd be anxious about the diabetes too and it's one of the reasons I've been trying to bootcamp.
But I bet it's more likely to be...workplace stress?

WideWebWitch Fri 14-Sep-07 16:28:14

thank you. This morning my voice 'broke' when I was trying to sing songs to dd and I think I'm getting it all out of proportion because my dad's voice did the same when he was rehearsing a song to sing at my sister's wedding. We didn't know there was anything wrng with him (although he may well have done) and he died 4 months later, didn't make the wedding.

I can't google, I'm too scared so no links please.

RubyRioja Fri 14-Sep-07 16:30:27

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Cammelia Fri 14-Sep-07 16:31:37

Think calming thoughts and take a few deep breaths, in through the nose and out through the mouth. Try to relax your shoulders.

Now, they sound like routine elimination tests.

Did you go to the doctors in the first place because you have a dry mouth, then?

WideWebWitch Fri 14-Sep-07 16:32:37

yes cam, thanks
I wanted to check it wasn't my throat infection back, which it isn't. He more or less told me to stop worrying about my throat.

unknownrebelbang Fri 14-Sep-07 16:34:56

Not sure this helps, but DH (48) has just been screened for all sorts, including diabetes and thyroid.

Was quite a stressful time because of family history of diabetes.

Everything came back fine, except slightly raised cholesterol.

DarthVader Fri 14-Sep-07 16:35:10

Sounds like you are jumping the gun big time to start worrying about this stuff.

Mercy Fri 14-Sep-07 16:35:26

I do really do sympathise WWW. I had a blood test about 16 months ago - showed nothing more than a slightly raised cholesterol level - but was pretty worried when waiting for the results.

My mum has/had thyroid problems - as Marina says, it takes a while but it's certainly treatable. Suzywong can tell you all you need to know!

MarinaLaPasionaria Fri 14-Sep-07 16:38:16

My mum's got hypothyroidism too, WWW, and so has a colleague. It is extremely common, promise
Big sympathies at feeling so anxious, but honestly, if diabetes mellitus is on the cards, the sooner you know, the better
They are such routine elimination tests though, truly.

FlossALump Fri 14-Sep-07 16:38:56

WWW try and relax! Very common things to test for. No need to worry unless results come up positive and then as others have said both are very treatable. Liklehood though that will all be fine.

As for your voice - what did your father die from? I'd have thought it was just a coincidence. Getting yourself stressed is more likely to make you ill.

WideWebWitch Fri 14-Sep-07 16:39:04

OK yes, I need to calm down and stop panicking. I just about managed not to cry while I was telling the nurse I needed a blood test appt. Dh will be home in a minute and will be brilliant I know.

FluffyMummy123 Fri 14-Sep-07 16:39:28

Message withdrawn

Cammelia Fri 14-Sep-07 16:40:02

piss off cod

TotalChaos Fri 14-Sep-07 16:41:29

My mum and gran both have overactive thyroids. Once it's diagnosed it's very straightforward to treat (one little tablet that doesn't seem to have any side effects). I would not have thought that diabetes was likely if your only symptom was a sore mouth; I have a friend who was recently diagosed with diabetes, she had been feeling unwell for months beforehand.

MarinaLaPasionaria Fri 14-Sep-07 16:42:55

Typically long-term undiagnosed Diabetes 2 would make you feel rough rough rough (way in excess of zonked from haring around after dd, working hard etc) Your GP is just being thorough

FluffyMummy123 Fri 14-Sep-07 16:43:29

Message withdrawn

Mercy Fri 14-Sep-07 16:44:53

I assume this will be a fasting test?

If so, I suggest you have someone with you if possible and take a banana or a muesli bar and some juice to have as soon as the test is done. 12/14 hours without food couple with feelign anxious can make you feel rather woozy.

Good luck smile

MarinaLaPasionaria Fri 14-Sep-07 16:45:49

I think MI had that test a while back www, drop her a mail
Did you have to have a glucose tolerance test when pg with's like that

FluffyMummy123 Fri 14-Sep-07 16:46:11

Message withdrawn

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