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cross your fingers, peter MAY come out tomorrow

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LadyVictoriaOfCake Fri 14-Sep-07 14:24:36

his tacro levels are fine today, but swabs has shown e.coli in his wound. but the wound looks fine and no inflamation. hopfully VAC will be off soon as the wound has shrunk in size nicely.

he may come home tomorrow, but i will have to take him in daily for blood tests for the next week or so.

LilRedWG Fri 14-Sep-07 14:26:27

Dropdeadfred Fri 14-Sep-07 14:33:29

fingers crossed for you all smile

AuntJetPetunia Fri 14-Sep-07 14:33:33

What excellent news! I've been following your family's story, it's been inspirational. Good luck to you all. smile

southeatsastras Fri 14-Sep-07 14:34:02

fingers crossed

coppertop Fri 14-Sep-07 14:34:47

<crosses fingers and hopes for the best>

lomondgal Fri 14-Sep-07 14:36:19

Will keep my fingers and toes crossed for you xx

sparkler Fri 14-Sep-07 14:38:42

Fingers, thumbs, eyes, arms, legs and toes all crossed for you. smile get off the chair for school run. hmm


ju Fri 14-Sep-07 14:38:56

Crossing everything for you all.

sockmonkey Fri 14-Sep-07 14:52:49

Fingers crossed! Fab to hear how well he is doing grin

noddyholder Sat 15-Sep-07 09:39:50

Wow he is doing so well!I was on tacrolimus for a while but had to switch its very good in hearts though!Hope he gets home soon and things keep improving xx

LadyVictoriaOfCake Sat 15-Sep-07 09:42:37

no news yet on homecoming

Carmenere Sat 15-Sep-07 09:44:24

X/\X/\ - that is supposed to be my crossed fingersmile

Mummy2TandF Sat 15-Sep-07 09:46:16

LVOC - I will be thinking of you all today in the hope that you get the good news you so deserve. I have been following your threads since forever and stayed up chating to your sis on many occassions while we were waiting for news. Craig and I were so happy when the transplant went ahead and he often asked me how misdee and Peter were. Take Care

MaureenMLove Sat 15-Sep-07 10:02:28

fingers fingers

Get it? Say what you see, its fingers crossed! grin I love this new tool!

edam Sat 15-Sep-07 10:04:33

Hope you get good news today, M**dee (stars because I'm not sure if you name changed to avoid your MIL or whoever it was).

nell12 Sat 15-Sep-07 10:07:10

Fingers are crossed. Best of luck for the whole family today smile

Budababe Sat 15-Sep-07 10:07:50

Hoping for good news for you today!

LadyVictoriaOfCake Sat 15-Sep-07 13:38:56


BreeVanDerCampLGJ Sat 15-Sep-07 13:40:10

Yay grin

SlightlyMadSweden Sat 15-Sep-07 13:40:13


<there really is nothing more that can be said is there?

Dose this mean he will be sharing a bed with you tonight for hte first time in months????

ScoobyDooooo Sat 15-Sep-07 13:42:13

WOW great news, how exciting for you all smile

Budababe Sat 15-Sep-07 13:42:43


grin grin grin grin grin grin

auntyquated Sat 15-Sep-07 13:43:57

brill news

LadyVictoriaOfCake Sat 15-Sep-07 13:46:03

FIRST TIME IN YEARS last time we shared a bed was in may2005

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