Neck fusion and disc problems Pilates/yoga recommendations anyone pls ?

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tinkerbellx Sat 18-Apr-20 12:21:04

I have severe disc problems in my neck and back and will be having surgery hopefully later in the year or early next year .
I'm not able to attend classes regularly due to my work and home commitments so am looking for an online based suitable class .
I've done both before at a class and they help hugely .
I'm currently a stone overweight and very unfit as the side effects of my compression now mean I have limited use of my arms especially , my neck and my legs are now becoming affected .
Would love to hear from anyone who has found an online course for people with neck and back issues that you can recommend please.

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southchinasea Mon 20-Apr-20 17:12:14

I have found online 'Pilates by Georgia' really helpful for my neck/ upper back/ shoulder stiffness and pain. (I had a discectomy and fusion at C6/7 a few years ago) She is a qualified physio I think. She has lots and lots of different sessions, I've found the restorative and rehab ones particularly good. One eg is called 'happy necks' and she goes through various physio stretches and exercises, in lying and sitting/ standing. Has really helped me. You can have a free trial, after that it's £10 a month I think.

tinkerbellx Tue 21-Apr-20 20:29:29

Thank you so much for your reply and recommendations. I will defiantly follow up .
Do you mind me asking please what a difference your surgery made ?
Id really appreciate hearing from someone who had has similar if you have time how you were before and after ect .
My c6/7 and c4/5 are affected .
Thank you again .

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southchinasea Wed 29-Apr-20 08:43:06

My situation was I had had a fall and hurt my neck so needed surgery quickly, so may not be the best comparison.

But yes before the operation I had pain and restricted movement through my neck, shoulder and right arm and couldn't grip a pen firmly in my right hand, so a big improvement in mobility afterwards.

Physio and pilates helped enormously to build up strength and balance again and to help reduce pain and stiffness. Also massage and acupuncture.

Initially after the operation I did lots of walking and built up fitness that way. I had to wear a neck brace for several months. But that probably doesn't apply to you? After that there was a big improvement with physio initially and then steady improvements for longer afterwards than you imagine. Worth pushing yourself and getting the best recovery you can for you.

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