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Lockdown stress

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Ladolcevida Sat 18-Apr-20 01:12:01

Hello We are a family of four and live in a large house. Our kids are 10 and 3. Can anyone relate to the following? How do you cope? There are constant conflicting demands on my time. There’s always loads of day to day meal prep, cleaning, tidying, laundry etc Hubby is airline pilot but not flying at present so at home. Spends most of his time on his Ipad hiding away in one of the bedrooms. He is good about outings to the park and often cooks our meal at night but that’s it. When we’re in the house he takes very little to do with the kids and although he denies it, it doesn’t phase him when they spend chunks of time in front of screens. It does my head in. The issue for me is that they watch too much TV, especially the 3 year old. We take him to the local park at least once a day and he is happy to play outside. However, he does not readily play on his own (it’s not for lack of toys eg train set/lego etc) I constantly feel torn. As the umpteenth episode of Paw Patrol, Octonauts etc blasts out it drives me nuts. I simply don’t have the time to spend hours one on one with our little chap. Usually I’m looking at the next pile of mess to tackle or the next chore to kerp the show on the road. I also have the needs of our daughter to look after. I am interested to know if anyone else out there feels the same way.... Hubby is fed up with my complaints and raised voice.

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Icanflyhigh Sat 18-Apr-20 02:14:15

There are 5 of us in a relatively small house.
I'll swap you?

Ladolcevida Sat 18-Apr-20 08:45:31

Ok!! I’d rather be in a smaller house

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