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Children cholesterol test call

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LilRedWG Fri 14-Sep-07 09:19:59

I must say I am pleased to see that this is being considered.

DD (16 months) was diagnosed as suffering from Familial Hypercholesterolaemia when she was about ten months old, but we only found out because she was admitted to hospital for somthing else and the registrar decided to do a full screen on her blood. She is now seeing a dietician and consultant annually and my DH has been discovered to have slightly elevated levels also.

dolally Sun 16-Sep-07 02:38:09

I was interested to read this lil. My dd (11) showed high cholestral(sp?) in a blood test she had done for allergies. Still haven't got round to having me and dh tested but must get on to that. I was slightly puzzled (and forget to ask the doc about it when we were there) by the fact that the high cholesterol was just one figure and I thought there are two types of chol a good one and a bad one. Does this mean the test result refers only to the bad one... i.e. they were only testing for the bad one? Never mind, you probably don't know.. why should you!!!

anyway thanks for reminding me, must get it looked into!

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