Satisfactory smear results

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CtrlU Thu 16-Apr-20 11:29:56

Hi all
I’ve had my smear test about 2 months ago and didn’t receive my results and honestly had forgotten about it until this morning and I decided to call my surgery to see how the smear went.

Anyway I have been told my smear was satisfactory however I need to repeat in 12 months and I’ve been tested positive for HPV ? I was only speaking to the receptionist and although she was so helpful, she wasn’t medically trained to be able to go into more detail - so tomorrow morning my DR will call me to discuss the results.

I feel scared though - what does HPV mean for me ? Is this cancerous ? I had a vaccination I thought against this a few years ago.

The receptionist said something about a symptom of HPV is genital warts - however I don’t have any. I’m single, one child and I’m under 30yrs old. I have sex occasionally but always safe.

Has anybody had this before ? I keep trying to read up on this but I’m being directed to cancer research sites and I’m not shitting myself sad

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CtrlU Thu 16-Apr-20 11:38:37

Anyone ? x

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PulpHorn Thu 16-Apr-20 11:41:12

HPV is incredibly common and often symptomless. I would take it that 'satisfactory' means there's no dyskaryosis or deformation of the cells which is pre cancerous and caused by HPV but they want to check you in a year rather than normal 3-5 years as you are slightly higher risk due to testing positive for HPV. Don't worry about it and the GP will put you at ease tomorrow

CtrlU Thu 16-Apr-20 11:43:50

@PulpHorn Thank you so much ! That’s very reassuring to hear it’s common. I’m just worried about it being the first sign of cervical cancer or something so I’m so scared. Thank you flowers

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PulpHorn Thu 16-Apr-20 11:47:10

The screening programme is amazing and they'll make sure you're checked regularly. I had HPV and moderate changes which were treated but cleared the infection so I'm back to going every few years now. It is worrying at the timethanks

Oldestchild90s Thu 16-Apr-20 11:50:27

I know what you mean, i received the same thing last year and my next due date was March but due to being pregnant i now can't have it until 12 weeks after i've given birth. I was like oh my god will i be alright, can i not have one sooner?

Thats another 6 months on top of the 12 i was waiting but i was reassured the extra time waiting won't matter too much.
I was also crying and panicking i was going to get cancer but was definitely reassured something ridiculous like 80% of women will get a form of HPV in their lifetime and it just means they like to keep an eye on things, i was told that there's a big chance things would have cleared by the next smear anyway so 🤞🏻

CtrlU Thu 16-Apr-20 11:56:21

@PulpHorn That's so good to hear ! I’m glad your doing better now flowers I have to admit I know nothing about HPV but I was under the impression once you had it - you had it for life. It’s reassuring to know you got treated and your health is better now star

@Oldestchild90s I feel your worry but as pulphorn has said - it’s common and it’s fantastic your doctor has reassured you that you will be fine. Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy. And thank you flowers

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SpoonBlender Thu 16-Apr-20 12:31:17

NHS says 20% of people have HPV in England, it's super common. Does mean a slightly higher possibility of unpleasantness later on, which is why you've been asked to come back in a year.

CtrlU Thu 16-Apr-20 14:09:18


Thank you. That’s helpful x
When you say unpleasantness- do you mean cancer ?

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SpoonBlender Thu 16-Apr-20 14:47:56

Different HPV viruses have different results. Genital warts, slightly raised risk of cancer, yes. Don't let it worry you though, it's a lower risk increase than lots of other environmental factors, and far far lower than - just to pick an example out of the air - coronavirus. Keep up to date on your smear tests and you should have nothing to worry about.

SpoonBlender Thu 16-Apr-20 14:49:15

(not saying that coronaviruses cause cancer! Just writing badly. But catching covid-19 is a far higher risk to life and organs right now than your HPV is. Wash your hands)

MentholChill Thu 16-Apr-20 15:27:18

I had an 'inconclusive' smear test result when I was about 22. Had it repeated and came back 'abnormal'. Was sent to hospital for a colposcopy and had a biopsy taken of my cervix. Turned out to be inflammation due to HPV (which the consultant said that most sexually active people will have at some point). No abnormal cells, no treatment required. Had to have repeat smears every 3 months, then 12 months for about 3 years but always came back 'normal'. I've been having my standard 3 yearly smear ever since with no issues.

Don't panic, I'm sure it's absolutely fine (especially if they are recommending no further action for 12 months).

CtrlU Fri 17-Apr-20 04:04:02

Thank you again ladies x

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Mumma1984 Fri 17-Apr-20 07:15:27

Also worth mentioning the vaccine (I've had too but still had similar situation to you) there are 100 strains of HPV and it only covers you for about 5 I think but the good news is one of those is the one most common for causing warts and 2 of them are 16 and 18 which are the ones that are responsible for 70 or 80% of cervical cancer so you are well protected x

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