What is wrong with me?!

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Kaypee28 Tue 14-Apr-20 23:17:11

I suffer with constant heartburn, acid reflux, upset tummy, migraines, wind, bloating, ibs symptoms.

Does anyone else have all these things and know what it is?

I've had them all so long now I'm kind of used to it but it's so so annoying I'd love to feel normal for one day.

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chickenyhead Tue 14-Apr-20 23:19:00

look up GERD on Google, see if it applies x

Kaypee28 Wed 15-Apr-20 09:02:50

No doesn't seem like GERD. I have loads of bowel problems at least once every day, cramps, constipation or diarrhoea.

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DotBall Thu 16-Apr-20 00:06:41

Go to the GP. You may have one of a number of serious but very treatable bowel / digestive tract conditions.

QuestionableMouse Thu 16-Apr-20 00:36:04

Bit far out but I know when my iron is getting low because I'm crippled with heartburn and get horrible headaches.

Probably not the cause but it's only a blood test so might be worth it?

QuestionableMouse Thu 16-Apr-20 00:37:06

Oh and I get bloating/wind with the heartburn.

fizzandchips Thu 16-Apr-20 00:54:06

Coeliac disease.
Classic symptoms.
Try cutting out all wheat,gluten, oats, barley for a couple of weeks and see if symptoms improve. I was diagnosed at 37 and wish I’d been diagnosed 20 years earlier when I was told I had IBS and should eat more fibre!


Office9to5 Thu 16-Apr-20 11:17:38

@Kaypee28 how long have these symptoms been going on and how old are you? This might not be gastric / stomach related. You need a pelvic ultrasound done to check your ovaries inparticularly and also you should ask to have a blood test done called CA125. Does the bloating go down properly or is it constant? Do you feel full quickly after just eating a little?

RedRed9 Thu 16-Apr-20 11:23:12

IBS can be awful. Have you tried the FODMAP diet? You ready have to stick to it religiously for a few months but by the end you’ll have a clear picture on which foods to avoid.

LionKingOrTigerKing Thu 16-Apr-20 11:37:55

Coeliac disease! Same symptoms I had,
I was diagnosed 2 years ago. Make a food/symptom diary over a couple of days and see a dr, this is what I done and I had bloods and was referred for a biopsy immediately I got diagnosed a couple of months later

Kaypee28 Thu 16-Apr-20 20:05:59

@Office9to5 I'm 28 and have been having issues for YEARS. Was told ibs years ago but really do think it's more. When I was about 14 I started putting on weight and have ballooned ever since.

I also have polycystic ovaries have had many scans on them, what could be wrong with them?

@RedRed9 will look up FOODMAP and see about doing that.

@LionKingOrTigerKing will definitely try keep a food diary to see what's going on. Should I try cut out gluten completly? It's in EVERYTHING!

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LionKingOrTigerKing Thu 16-Apr-20 20:15:48

@Kaypee28 keep eating it for now because they would need to see it in the blood tests & if you have an upper endoscopy then you need to be eating gluten to get a positive result- if you cut it out now then you'll get a negative result as your gut will be healing itself so there will be no inflammation or damage when they check. I just wrote down everything I ate and then the symptoms I was getting and it was enough for the gp to send me for testing

LionKingOrTigerKing Thu 16-Apr-20 20:16:24

Unless your not too fussed about getting an actual diagnosis, in which case then cut it out lol

bobstersmum Thu 16-Apr-20 20:20:55

I had all that and turned out I was pregnant.

Mlou32 Thu 16-Apr-20 21:03:26

I get all these things except migraines (I do get headaches but not migraines). A lot if it stopped when I started the atkins diet. I'm not advocating for atkins, I'm just saying that a lot of the stuff I cut out during atkins ie carbs, junk etc really helped the symptoms.

Kaypee28 Thu 16-Apr-20 21:34:16

@bobstersmum Definitely not pregnant. Can't even get pregnant second time round. That's another thing that's went wrong!

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Kaypee28 Sun 19-Apr-20 05:24:45

Currently up right now with acid reflux in my throat, it's burning and tastes awful, any tips to get it away fast?

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Bringringbring12 Sun 19-Apr-20 05:50:54

What’s your diet like?
All these ailments could be caused by a diet heavy in caffeine, chocolate, salt, artificial sweeteners etc

Kaypee28 Sun 19-Apr-20 09:51:30

@Bringringbring12 I don't eat caffeine, salt or sweeteners. I do eat chocolate, mabye a bit much. That could be it.

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Bringringbring12 Sun 19-Apr-20 10:35:09

Drink and smoke?

Kaypee28 Sun 19-Apr-20 12:52:48

@Bringringbring12 no and no 😟

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