Cracked Tooth

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puppy23 Mon 13-Apr-20 13:51:52

I noticed a vertical crack in one of my molars yesterday, I'm not sure if the crack is entirely new but I'm pretty sure it has got worse/deeper, and goes the full way from top to bottom of the tooth. Luckily at the moment there isn't any real pain, maybe just a slight dull ache at times, but there was a fair bit of blood when I last brushed my teeth. I'm avoiding chewing anything on that side out of fear of making it any worse, as it does feel as though it wouldn't take much for it to break.

I checked my dentists website and they've put up a new number for triaging, but they've said its for emergencies only, which I'm guessing this doesn't yet fall under? Whats best for me to do right now? Is there anything I can do at home to help it?

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