Farts and poo smell like my dog!

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PhotoFit Mon 13-Apr-20 02:34:11

I've Googled this and found a few people asking the same question but no answers.

I've always had dogs but never had this happen before and wonder if anyone has any idea what is going on.

Last summer a friend brought her dog round (Staffie) and she said that she fed it a raw diet and one of the good things was that it meant the dog "didn't have that doggie smell, it hardly smelled at all".

I didn't say anything but I thought her dog smelled really strongly and that it was an odd smell, not like any dog I had come across before.

A couple of months later my dog died and I re-homed a new dog, a Jack Russell Terrier about seven years old. The JRT smelled like my friend's Staffie but not so strong and she was not on a raw diet like the Staffie.

After just a few days I noticed that my farts and poo were smelling like the JRT!

She was off her food and I tried all sorts of different foods, eventually tried a raw diet and she liked that but this smell thing with me started before I started her on the raw diet and when she already smelt like the Staffie.

I have had the JRT now for about six months and my farts and poo still smell like her.

I can only think that there is some sort of dog-gut microbiome that I have ingested.

Has anyone else every come across this or have any ideas?

I looked in the "Doghouse" part of Mumsnet but there were no questions like this so I thought I might have more luck in "General Health".

It does not seem healthy to me that my farts and poo should smell like my dog confused

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