Dental advice? Chipped molar

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Whynotdance Sat 11-Apr-20 19:28:13

I bit down on unpopped popcorn and its chipped one of my molars. It looks like it has chipped through the enamel to underneath this, the pulp or whatever it's called. I don't have pain ATM. What do I do, considering current circumstances? It's a pretty large chip and concerned by his deep it looks. I'm going to ring my dentist on Monday but any dentists online who can offer advice until then? Am doing salt washes and eating soft food. I appreciate I probably won't be seen, but I think if I wait a few months on this, I may end up without a tooth. Thanks!

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Whynotdance Sat 11-Apr-20 19:41:41

Actually, this I have broken my tooth. Chip sounds smaller than it looks. confused

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Kel9 Sun 12-Apr-20 12:47:26

Not much to be honest! I have constant tooth ache and my dentist said that due the dentist being closed I’d have to go to an emergency one and have it pulled out! If I want to keep the tooth just to keep taking pain killers! Fml!!

RandomMess Sun 12-Apr-20 12:55:27

Slap sensodyne toothpaste on and hope it doesn't start hurting/get sensitive.

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