Colonoscopy tests cancelled - feeling worried

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Cakewineorgin Sat 11-Apr-20 17:36:39

DM was referred for a colonoscopy due to abnormalities showing up in routine bowel screening. Last week this was cancelled due to CV and she has been told to expect to wait 6 months before this will be done. This understandably caused worry, especially as DM then confided that she has had other worrying symptoms, weight loss, intermittent light bleeding, bloating etc. We looked into having a private test but was told that the government have stopped these being available too.

I understand that CV needs to be a priority, but feel that potentially DM could have been handed a death sentence. We keep being told that the majority of people will be OK if they get CV, and my prayers go to those that do get it (DH included), and those that sadly don’t make it, but I’ve never heard of anyone beating cancer without treatment. Surely this is important too? I may be overreacting having lost a friend to bowel cancer when symptoms were dismissed as being normal for pregnancy. I know nobody can help, just need to vent really

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scaevola Sat 11-Apr-20 17:39:26

If your DMum has not told her doctor about the other symptoms, then it is not surprising that she is in the routine queue.

She needs to go back to her GP, explain all the symptoms and see if she can be referred under the 2 week rule

Appiandterri Sat 11-Apr-20 17:44:56

A lot of cancer treatments have been cancelled. People with confirmed cancer have had their chemotherapy cancelled so no investigations are being carried out either. People are definitely going to die even if they don’t get CV, my friends father has had his chemo cancelled. A woman at work had been referred under the 2ww for a breast lump before lockdown, she’s now not being seen.

I’m sorry to hear about your mums worrying symptoms. flowers

Cakewineorgin Sat 11-Apr-20 18:24:59

@scaevola DM has told the GP, and the hospital when having her pre-op, just not me. The hospital told her to go to her GP when they cancelled, as apparently the GP can overrule the cancellation, but he has refused.

I knew that some cancer treatments have been stopped too and my heart breaks for those affected. It seems so wrong to stop these necessary treatments, especially when doctors are telling us to keep getting our health concerns checked. What’s the point if nothing can be done? It just seems like everything else and everyone has been forgotten.

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candle18 Sun 12-Apr-20 00:40:00

I would phone the surgery and ask to speak to a different GP. Just say how worried you and your mum are and go over all the symptoms again. I think it’s really scary just now that things like this aren’t being investigated.

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