Severe constipation

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hanna45 Fri 10-Apr-20 20:54:24

Hi, I’ve been very badly constipated for about a week now and I regularly get constipated so normally I can rectify it myself by drinking lots of water and taking a senokot (natural laxative) however this time I’ve had no luck so called the doctor today and he prescribed me cosmocal (basically same as laxido I presume) over the phone which I picked up from the pharmacy and I’ve taken a few sachets throughout the day but it has given me nothing but diarrhoea. Is this normal? Getting really concerned there is something more serious going on like a blockage but I’m worried because it’s not like I can go to the doctors or hospital for them to exam me with everything going on at the moment. I have no pain either just a bloating feeling. Thank you

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CormoranStrike Fri 10-Apr-20 20:56:26

Sure diarrhoea means that’s the constipation sorted?

midgebabe Fri 10-Apr-20 20:58:39

Give it 24 hrs

hanna45 Fri 10-Apr-20 20:59:38

@cormoranstrike no it can be a sign of overflow from a blockage as I still feel constipated

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CormoranStrike Fri 10-Apr-20 21:02:11

I suppose it depends on the volume - I wouldn’t class overflow as that; if concerned I’d phone 111 rather than taking advice from me!

OhMy05 Fri 10-Apr-20 21:07:58

Have you tried a suppository, you can get them from the chemist without prescription? Assuming they’re ok for you and you have no exciting conditions that can preclude them.
As you said, loose stools can mean overflow, you really need to be eliminating more than that.

hanna45 Fri 10-Apr-20 21:10:52

@OhMy05 thank you for the genuine advice I will look into them x

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Bessiebigpants Fri 10-Apr-20 21:13:10

My go to advice for everyone that is constipated The poo nurse google it and watch the macro gel section it explains everything

shamalidacdak Fri 10-Apr-20 21:15:05

Suppositories, orange juice, massage your lower belly and start taking 400mg magnesium citrate every night. Have you had a thyroid test? Reoccurring constipation is not normal so please get checked. I had excruciating constipation until I got on thyroid meds and magnesium

Thesunrising Fri 10-Apr-20 21:19:16

Yep - second the advice to watch the poo nurses video on macrogols. If you are chronically constipated then a small dose of cosmocol will result in overflow diorhea rather than clearing the blockage. To clear the blockage you need to take an increasing dose of the cosmocol over several days 2,4,6,8 etc until you are basically pooing liquid. You might even need a stimulant laxative to help clear out the old poo too. Then you drop down to a lower maintenance dose of cosmocol to make sure you don’t become constipated again. Also make sure you have a good toilet routine, going 20 mins after every meal and sitting with your feet on a stool so your knees are above your hips. (This helps to unkink the bend in your bowel/colon).

TheGirlFromStoryville Fri 10-Apr-20 21:25:10

When I had severe constipation last year I bought Movicol sachets and took 8 per day for about 2 or 3 days. I had diarrhoea first but then it cleared me out properly. Drink plenty of water, I was drinking about 4 or 5 litres whilst on the sachets.
Good luck, constipation is awful.

hanna45 Fri 10-Apr-20 21:29:38

@bessiebigpants ok great thank you I will look into that

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hanna45 Fri 10-Apr-20 21:31:22

@shamalidacdak I haven’t had a thyroid test no but I was actually thinking about that today I definitely need to get tested as it would explain a lot. Thank you for your help

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hanna45 Fri 10-Apr-20 21:33:59

@thesunrising ok thank you so much for the advice I’ll definitely do this and hopefully get things back to normal

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hanna45 Fri 10-Apr-20 21:35:58

@TheGirlFromStoryville thank you its relieving to hear someone else who was in the same situation, I’m glad it worked for you. Hopefully it gets better, this really is awful

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fallfallfall Fri 10-Apr-20 21:37:06

i would suggest an enema. i agree the diarrhea could be overflow. you would be surprised how easy the small bottles are to self administer.
a lesson i learned post surgery and pain meds with codeine...

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