Eczema and Rosacea - anything I can buy to help?

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OnlyByGrace Fri 10-Apr-20 00:50:53

I am pretty sure I have mild rosacea as my cheeks are always red and blotchy and I get the occasional flare-ups of flushing although wearing SPF has reduced that by quite a bit. I have never mentioned it to a doctor as it is mild and not something that warrants a GP visit. However recently the blotchiness has gotten worse and looks a lot worse, I forget about it as I wear foundation during the day but my cheeks are really blotchy. Is there anything I can order online to help with this?

I have also developed eczema, something I never really had before. My neck is really red, dry and a little itchy and I also have some eczema patches on my arms and wrists. I am currently using E45 but that seems to completely sink in within 5 minutes and my skin is back to feeling dry again. Is there anything you would recommend?

Thank you!

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