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Concerned about DH

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FoghornLeghorn Thu 13-Sep-07 07:25:48

I have finally persuaded my DH to go to our GP and be checked over so I need to know exactly what he should be asking the GP to check for.

For as long as I can remember DH has had extremely regular bowel movements - like 6+ times a day. Each time he goes he feels like he needs to sit/lay down and it leaves him feeling exhausted (it literally just runs out of him, sorry if TMI). When he eats, within a few minutes he needs to go to the loo and it is really every time he eats something, even if it's just a bowl of cereal.
He is also experincing general tummy discomfort, I have tried to get him to explain this to me a bit better but all he can describe it like is when you have a diarhea bug and the way that makes you feel.

My thinking is that maybe he has an intolerance to something, I'm no GP but these seems the most logical explanation to me but we also know of 2 people (friend of a friend of a friend) who have recently been diagnosed with Bowel Cancer - now we have no clue regarding symptoms etc but I think this possibility is worrying DH

harpsichordcarrier Thu 13-Sep-07 07:34:52

that does sound worrying, sorry that both of you are going through this.
tbh it sonds to me like something like dysentry? could he have picked something up abroad at some time?

chopster Thu 13-Sep-07 07:35:15

It sounds rather like IBS to me, which my mother suffers from. I'd be more worried if he was passing blood. Good for you in persuading him to go to the GP and good luck.

chopster Thu 13-Sep-07 07:36:37

dysentry causes cramps though?

SpacePuppy Thu 13-Sep-07 07:38:31

Lactose intolerance does this too, let him write down what he eats and check for common denominator. If it has gone on for as long as you know him then I'm surprised that you're only pushing him to have it checked out now, best thing to is to tell gp symptoms and leave it to them to diagnose.

FoghornLeghorn Thu 13-Sep-07 07:53:51

No need to be surprised spacepuppy - my post says I have finally persuaded DH to go not I have only just pushed him to go and my post also says it has been going on as long as I can remember not as long as I have known him. We have been together 8 years but I can't recall that far back.

I will look up dysentry as have never heard of that before. I will also get him to keep a note of everything he is eating so we can hopefully take this to appointment.

We have recently been on holiday (2-3 weeks ago) and while we were there he vomited blood twice which is what I think finally frightened him enough to agree to going. We have been abroad lots over the years but never anywhere longhaul, only in Europe.

Charlie999 Thu 13-Sep-07 07:55:59

Could be an intolerance to gluten - is it worse after bread / cakes / flour containing foods. If it is an intolerance to anything, its easily sorted out so at least GP will be on the case now. Good luck

FoghornLeghorn Thu 13-Sep-07 07:58:23

I thought of maybe a wheat or gluten intolerance - I will get him to write everything down so we can try and find something common.
Have just looked up dysentery and says it is highly contagious (sp?), although myself and DD's are fine.

Charlie999 Thu 13-Sep-07 08:03:21

I think IBS or an intolerance is more likely than an infectious disease TBH - especially as he's been like it for a number of years. Is the GP today? Hope it goes well smile

bearsmom Thu 13-Sep-07 08:07:06

Could it be Crohn's disease? Symptoms listed here (this is just the first site I found, there's lots of info on the net about Crohn's). My brother-in-law has it and I know it can be very debilitating so my sympathy to your DH and you. There is treatment available (I think it ranges from dietary changes, to drug treatments, to surgery), these should be listed on the site linked above. Whatever this turns out to be, good luck in getting a diagnosis and successful treatment for your DH.

harpsichordcarrier Thu 13-Sep-07 08:12:41

lactose intolerance or other intolerances can persist after dysentery or other food poisoning bouts.
does he eat a lot of dairy? have you noticed any difference depending on diet?

KommandantColditz Thu 13-Sep-07 08:14:44

sounds like IBS to me - is he stressed?

3sEnough Thu 13-Sep-07 08:15:25

See a nutritionist if GP has absolutely no idea (although they can test for coeliac, crohns and/or do colonoscopy for bowel cancer - although highly unlikely) I've had lots of tests, all negative and eventually saw a nutritionist - very helpful and currently on exclusion diet - symptoms die down but just seriously boring! It would really help him. Good luckx

FoghornLeghorn Thu 13-Sep-07 09:42:31

Thanks everyone for your responses.
I will read up on Crohn's now

FoghornLeghorn Thu 13-Sep-07 09:53:42

Sorry Colditz - he is stressed atm yes. I have recently stopped working to be a SAHM, he is now sole breadwinner, we are moving into new house tomorrow, moved to completely new area, he has started a completely new job etc etc.

He has had a very stressful few years

SpacePuppy Thu 13-Sep-07 12:03:49

didn't mean to sound condescending foghorn, just the thought of living with something like this for years boggles my mind, good luck, at least now he is willing to have it checked out, you should maybe go with him to gp and make sure he tells them all the symptoms, my dh is rubbish at going to the gp and always comes home and then realise he's forgotten to tell them something.

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