Weird and scary health thing today - not covid19 just for a change!

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Fairlywell Wed 08-Apr-20 23:30:42

Posting really just to get this off my chest as it frightened me, and also for ideas what it could’ve been if anyone has any thoughts?

This morning I was in the shower and felt an odd pressure type sensation in my lower abdomen. Not painful just very out of the blue and weird feeling. Within a few seconds I started bleeding.

Got out the shower and felt ok for about ten minutes then the pressure felt a bit heavier, mainly lower left abdomen and then graduated to more general lower abdomen,

I started to feel a bit woozy, and within a couple of minutes was cold but sweating heavily and all the colour had drained from my face - I’ve never seen myself like that, yellow lips, waxy yellowy skin.

I felt hot and cold at the same time and felt all the energy go out of me and really thought I was about to pass out. Have never felt this in my life but had this feeling that I needed an ambulance and that something really bad was about to happen, very quickly if I didn’t get help. I was honestly terrified, and I’m not an anxious person or someone with any health issues.

Reading tha5 back it doesn’t sound too bad, but it felt it at the time, like something was going badly wrong in my body and that I needed help, and then as quickly as it’d started, it stopped. My temperature felt normal again, stopped sweating, colour returned, was able to get up etc.

I’ve been absolutely fine since but it’s really thrown me. And made me feel quite vulnerable too, and feeling a bit teary at the though5 of anyone becoming unwell on their own because it’s actually terrifying, especially now.

Definitely not pregnant. The bleeding could be the tail end of my period which I’d thought had finished the day before but was runny and bright red, whereas end of period bleeding for me is usually thicker and darker (tmi, sorry).

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Concerned12345 Wed 08-Apr-20 23:34:45

Hopefully you're OK and it was a horrid concoction of hormones xx

Fairlywell Wed 08-Apr-20 23:46:03

Thank you, I do feel ok now. And yeah, may just have been an odd thing with no actual reason...just happened.

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LemonsNVod Thu 09-Apr-20 05:19:33

It sounds like your body reacting to the sudden blood loss. I cut my hand once a few years ago and what you described is how I remember feeling. (I wasn’t near a mirror but it felt like my face had drained of blood too.) After about five minutes I was fine. The cut to my hand wasn’t actually that bad, didn’t go to hospital in the end as it stopped bleeding under pressure.

lubeybooby Thu 09-Apr-20 06:09:17

vasovagal syncopy reaction to the blood and everything going on at that time.

Fairlywell Thu 09-Apr-20 07:11:55

You know what, that actually sounds right.

In the ten minutes after feeling the weird pressure/bleeding, before I felt unwell, I was thinking about what-ifs in a hypothetical, calm (I thought) sort of way.

What if I was to become ill right now with everything that’s happening? Could I get help? I wouldn’t normally think of ringing an ambulance, 111 at a push but they’re apparently extremely busy, so what happens if it’s urgent? who would look after ds? Etc...

I didn’t think I was catastrophising, just pondering, but it absolutely makes sense that I was actually making myself panic.

Also I’m not good at all with blood and do feel a physical response to seeing it. Wouldn’t normally happen with period blood but if I was convincing myself it was something else?

I’m very reassured by that, feel a bit silly and thank goodness I didn’t call an ambulance! Just goes to show - I think of myself as a very pragmatic, sensible, level headed person but the current situation is maybe making me feel more anxious than I realise.

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florisandyoris Thu 09-Apr-20 09:31:51

I’m not qualified, but this sounds to me very much like a burst ovarian cyst. My sister suffers from them and they can vary from very mild temporary pain and discomfort to ones needing hospital treatment.
I think if it’s serious it involves having a temperature and persistent pain. Otherwise your body just expels the contents and it doesn’t really effect you afterwards.

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