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What exactly are the benefits from taking cod liver oil & evening primrose oil?

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MaureenMLove Wed 12-Sep-07 21:41:08

Because I've been taking them for over a month now and I've no idea if I feel better or anything aches less than it always did!

Elasticwoman Thu 13-Sep-07 16:08:35

My mother takes cod liver oil daily, and at the age of 85 she is on no medication at all.

BarbieGirl Thu 13-Sep-07 16:14:59

Both will make your skin shiny and glowing (apparantly). Not sure of the other benefits tbh.

Doodledootoo Thu 13-Sep-07 16:15:47

Message withdrawn

MaureenMLove Thu 13-Sep-07 18:06:42

Well I'll be jiggered! I had noticed that Doodle! - NOT!grin

Oh well, I'll keep going, maybe a month isn't long enough for shiny, glowy skin!

MamaG Thu 13-Sep-07 18:10:41

ARe you going through the change Mo?

Doodledootoo Thu 13-Sep-07 18:20:58

Message withdrawn

Elasticwoman Thu 13-Sep-07 19:26:16

My mother felt it kept her free from arthritis. She did get it in the end, rather suddenly in one hip but now she's had the replacement she's ok again.

MaureenMLove Thu 13-Sep-07 22:01:42

No, I'm not going through the change MamaG, just trying to prepare my body for the fact that I'll be 40 in 4 months and its all going to start going down hill rather sharpish if I don't do something! I've even started eating low fat/reduced fat food because although I've never had a big weight problem before, I have no doubt that with the amount I eat, I'll roll out of bed one day and not be able to squeeze through the door!grin
So, the pills aren't working, I still ache like a 90 year old, BUT I do weigh less than I did before I got pregnant 12 years ago!

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