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Dd shaking!

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ionesmum Mon 09-Sep-02 22:22:32

Our dd likes to stand up on our laps whist we hold her hands. Tonight she started to shake and then cried in real distress. This happened twice. I then cuddled her, she stopped crying and she had her bath, bottle and bed. What could this be? I thinl she's feeling her teeth but I don't see how this can be related in any way. Should we see the doctor?

Thanks in advance! (Sorry, I'm always asking for help!)

threeangels Tue 10-Sep-02 00:22:03

Hi ionesmum, Do you think something may be wrong with her foot/leg inside? Just something that came to mind. Maybe she twisted it in an unusual way. I hope shes ok.

robinw Tue 10-Sep-02 07:44:46

message withdrawn

ionesmum Tue 10-Sep-02 14:41:23

Hello, thank you so much for your replies. It's really kind of you. We saw dd's hv today and she thinks it was probably fatigue, although it could have been a slight muscle pull or twist that has worn off. She certainly seems well today, if a bit grizzly re. the teeth!

Thank you for taking the time to answer!

threeangels Tue 10-Sep-02 15:38:12

You are very welcome. I'm glad your dd is doing well.

ionesmum Tue 10-Sep-02 22:22:12


robinw Wed 11-Sep-02 07:34:26

message withdrawn

ionesmum Wed 11-Sep-02 11:31:08

Thanks, Robin

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