Is this eczema?

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letsjog Tue 07-Apr-20 18:20:02

I'm suspecting it because there's a couple of family members on DPs side who suffer from it.
Also reluctant to waste GP time if it's unnecessary so wanted to get advice on here first.

2yo seems to have cracked/irritated skin on the tips of some of his fingers. Especially the thumb of his right hand where it almost looks like it's peeling. His palms look quite dry/wrinkly as well. For the past 2 nights he has been co-sleeping with us which we've never done before but I have noticed that throughout the night he is rubbing his hands together a lot which is making me suspect it's itchy/uncomfortable.

He also seems to have a bit of a rash on the outside of his hand and inside wrist, not very red just lots of teeny bumpy spots which are very hard to take a picture of and also has a little patch of it at the side of his face.
I've been putting Aveeno skin relief moisturiser on his whole body after bath and making sure I use plenty on his hands. We are very careful not to over wash them and 4yo who washes his hands the same amount has no symptoms.

Apologies for the not so great pic but that's all I could manage as he kept closing his hand. It actually looks worse in real life than on images.

Is it eczema or could it be something else?

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letsjog Tue 07-Apr-20 18:57:36

Better pictures.

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