Prolapse only 38!

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Leic99 Mon 06-Apr-20 19:13:51

I'm devastated to be told I have a uterine prolapse. Only discovered start of the year and waiting for a gynae appt. I'm in the east mids and am a single mum to two under 7.. should I go for surgery? Or a hysterectomy? Deffo no more kids for me..

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Southernemmy Thu 09-Apr-20 04:48:30

I would hold off as long as I could - especially if it’s not impacting your bladder. Have you tried a pessary? I used a ring pessary for about 10 years and managed to live a fairly normal life with it. I eventually did go for surgery but wish I had kept going with the pessary a few years more.

Leic99 Thu 09-Apr-20 08:15:44

It effects me in that every few weeks I get intense uti like symptoms. I need a wee every 20 mins, pain in the pelvis etc. It stops me functioning and the last one lasted over 3 weeks.

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