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DVT questions

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45nanny Wed 12-Sep-07 17:46:57

Have just spent the day at my local hospital where they think i have a blood clot in my lower leg.
They have started me on a blood thinning drug whilst i await a scan to find out if there is a clot there. My blood test came back positive to a clot, so doesnt look good.
Im only 45 and havn,t been on any long haul flights(mores the pity),anyway does anyone have experiences of this .What about work? , i am working in a school at the moment as a dinner lady and my boss didnt seem keen to have me back , something about a risk to the children if i fall and bleed heavily???? CANT DRIVE FOR THE MOMENT EITHER.Any info would be good please.jules.

mosschops30 Wed 12-Sep-07 17:51:21

Youre not likely to bleed heavily from a clot, it would just kill you i'm afraid. However blood thinning drugs will make you bleed more than usual but how likely is it that youre gonna have a major wound as a dinner lady.
DVT's can be caused by lots of things pregnancy/long haul flight/sitting still for long periods/obesity.
They are quite common (youd be suprised) dont worry until youve had your scan, some people just need acute treatment and some longterm I guess it will depend on your clot, if you have one.

Good luck, very scary I know cos Ive been there myself (thankfully my scan was negative) smile

SueW Wed 12-Sep-07 18:02:13

My friend's husband has just had a DVT & pulmonary embolism (sp?). The latter was picked up because he mentioned shortness of breath when running before his leg swelled and the DVt showed up.

He has had at least two weeks off work, blood thinning injections of warfarin, had to keep his leg elevated for two weeks and went back to work yesterday for just a couple of hours.

He will be on warfarin for 6 months.

You should take medical advice before returning to work, I would suggest.

SueW Wed 12-Sep-07 18:02:47

Oh he also has to wear support socks for two years.

45nanny Wed 12-Sep-07 20:27:14

Thanks for that mosschops30:-), hopefully the clot will stay where it is ,or just maybe it will all have disappeared by the time i have the scan and i would have worried for nothing.
I think my boss was a little over the top with the work situation ,just think its a health and safety issue(the kind of world we know live in),not that im intending on bleeding over anyone!!!!
You hear all about how not to get DVT,but when your faced with having it ,so little infomation.just wondered if any other mums had been in this situation.
Thanks suew,i look forward to the sexy support stockings, not quite what my other half had in mind when i mentioned i could have to wear stockings for a while.:-)

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