Bed wetting at 9

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Mitzicoco Mon 06-Apr-20 04:53:10

Just that really. DS is 9 and still wetting the bed at least once a week. Does anyone have any experience of this? He is generally a vary happy go lucky sort of character but I worry that the bed wetting might be signalling something else, but I don't know what! Can anyone offer any words of wisdom? Am I worrying unnecessarily? Thank you in advance.

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MerryGrinchmas1 Mon 06-Apr-20 05:18:37

I feel your pain. I am forever washing sheets. Mine are younger but you should be able to get some help with treatment - possibly when this crisis is over

Mitzicoco Mon 06-Apr-20 05:32:34

Thank you Merry I will look at this now!

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LabStaff Mon 06-Apr-20 05:48:51

We used the Rodger bed wetting alarm system with success - you can buy it on eBay. The Eric website is good too. Good luck.

Crackerofdoom Mon 06-Apr-20 06:02:13

Hi OP,
DS was wetting 7 nights a week until he turned 9. It was exhausting but it has now stopped.

Eric website is really helpful. You are definitely not alone!

Try and set yourself up - layering waterproof and normal sheets etc. To make changes as easy as possible and try not to make a bit deal out of it with your DC.

It is exhausting I know but there will be light at the end of the tunnel.

Inforthelonghaul Mon 06-Apr-20 06:22:21

DS was like this but magically by the end of year 6 he’d grown out of it and it’s never happened since.

I layered his bed with a mattress cover, sheet, disposable bed mat, sheet, disposable bed mat etc so if it happened I just had to whip off the mat and sheet and he’d be good to go.

It’s a pain OP but for many kids it’s a hormone immaturity nothing more.

PeppaisaBitch Mon 06-Apr-20 07:45:38

You need to see a dr. After 7 there could be a problem. Usually a hormone stops us from wetting the bed.
You could try lifting if you think that would help though that only stops the wet sheets not fix the actual need to wee.


WotcherHarry Mon 06-Apr-20 13:01:02

You can refer yourself to the school nursing team who will be able to support your family with this - but they may have been temporarily disbanded and redeployed, depending on which area of the country you are in (I’m a community nurse in a school nursing team)...
Sometimes there are small tweaks that will make a difference, sometimes it is to do with the production of vasopressin (the hormone that regulates night time bladder output).

Mitzicoco Mon 06-Apr-20 15:10:52

Thank you all for your replies smile

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OnlyToWin Mon 06-Apr-20 15:14:49

My DD wore nighttime pull ups at night until she was nine. She soaked them each night and so would have wet the bed every single night if we did not use them. She toilet trained no problem at 2 years old but night time wetting is just one of those developmental. When the hormone kicked in she was dry literally overnight and has not wet the bed or needed pyjama pants since.

MrsJoshNavidi Mon 06-Apr-20 15:16:42

I am a Brownie Leader (girls aged 7-10). We have girls who bed wet at lots of the residential events we organise, but it's rare to see one at a Guide event.

Hullygully Mon 06-Apr-20 15:20:54

Eneuresis. They grow out of it around 10/11/12. Pull-ups and bed mats and lots of reassurance about how it is a physical issue and out of their control like any other physical issue.

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