No physios working. Son’s sprained wrist won’t heal -any advice?

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thereisfreedomwithin Sun 05-Apr-20 20:58:07

A month ago my son came off his Mountain bike and injured his wrist. He says the bit that hurt is as shown in the Photograph. He is a teenager – so he left it for a few days until it was nearly better and then he started his full regime again including pullups and press ups. This made it worse ( I suspect another injury to the weakened bit) and so then he switched to Trying not to use that hand at all and obsessively icing it. So it got worse!

He had an x-ray last week and it was clear.

We have a relationship with an osteopath who obviously isn’t working at the moment but we gave him a ring on Friday. He told my son to keep using ice but only for five minutes at a time. He said that ultimately it’s blood flow that allows the soft tissue to heal and that if you keep icing for too long it becomes counter-productive and you should just ice for a little bit of time so that then the blood rushes back.

When he originally hurt it he bent the hand forward. I’ll be really grateful if anyone could suggest some exercises for building strength. He says he is now getting some discomfort of his forearm which suggests to me that he is doing lots of unnatural things like trying to avoid using the hand at all or tensing it too much

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thereisfreedomwithin Sun 05-Apr-20 20:59:21


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thereisfreedomwithin Sun 05-Apr-20 21:00:45

So the that’s got hurt is on the side and between two nobbly bones

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PandaMa Sun 05-Apr-20 21:01:23

I know there are some physios doing video calls - not ideal but they may be able to offer some help?

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