Calf pain at night

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navteexo Sun 05-Apr-20 14:22:41


Im 25 years old. Every night just as im about to fall asleep, my calves start to ache really bad. During the day theyre fine, i can walk around, sit down, no problems. Its just at night when im going to sleep. Has anyone else had this?

I take multivitamins. Had several blood tests but not showing a deficiency in anything. Ive been to the doctor's and he doesnt think its restless leg syndrome. He said it could be lack of iron, ive been on iron tablets for over a year now - levels are back up but the pain is still there sad

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Winkywoop Sun 05-Apr-20 14:29:06

That's strange

Is it cramping pain? I've had really awful calf cramps in the night, which makes me scream in pain! But doesn't sound like it's that?

Could they just be tight? Have you tried stretching them?

Moondust001 Sun 05-Apr-20 14:34:00

It could be your spine! Aches and pains (or numbness) in lower limbs at night can be an indication that there's something irritating your spine. It could literally be nothing more than your sleeping position/ mattress / pillow aren't right for you. If your spine is out of alignment in bed, it can cause problems elsewhere.

Mummyofbananas Mon 13-Apr-20 12:01:31

I get achy calves and I had very low iron stores, im not definite if it's related but it improved when I was taking my iron 3 times a day and is back a bit now I'm not being so good at remembering x

navteexo Mon 13-Apr-20 12:27:54

Thank you all for your replies. I will try stretching them before bedtime. I will also maybe change the pillow, and sleep position. Didnt think of that!

@mummyofbananas yeah thats how it feels..really achey! Urgh hope you feel better soon

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