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Pre-eclampsia - Chances of me getting it again...

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lizzih1974 Wed 12-Sep-07 14:11:40

Has anyone had Pre-eclampsia with their 1st and gone onto have more children? The reason I ask is that I had Pre-eclampsia
which ended up with emergency c-section at 34 weeks after 3 weeks in hospital. Baby was only 3lbs and spent time in NICU, all fine now.

I am worried that if we decide to have another we will have to go through the same trauma all over again, experience can be a bad thing at times.

debbiewebweb Wed 12-Sep-07 14:51:05

My sister had it exactly as you did (cs at 33 weeks and 3lb baby). They worried about having another and did a bit of research all of which suggested that you are likely to have pre-eclampsia again the second time BUT that it should start later in the pregnancy. My sister started having problems at 28 weeks, mid-wives (both hers and mine) suggested she should last past 30weeks second time hoping the baby would not need to be born so early. But there is no guarantee of course, they are not yet expecting.

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