Fainting after blood test

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flutterby31 Fri 03-Apr-20 19:38:40

My daughter faints after every blood test, she's 9. Is this something she'd likely grow out of? We always lie her down, distract with iPad etc so she doesn't see, it's done on the children's ward and then takes her about an hour to feel well again. I'm a bit worried that she'll continue to faint like this indefinitely. Her period is imminent and it's jus dawned on me that she might react in a similar way seeing blood.

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AlCalavicci Fri 03-Apr-20 21:35:53

Is it the sight of blood / needles that makes her faint or the taking the blood ? I am fine with the sight of it and dont mind needles at all but I had to stop giving blood many years ago because no mater how slow it was taken or how long i lay / sat there after I would always keel over.
On one occasion banging my head so hard i would of knocked myself out if I wasn't already dead to the world !

If it is just the sight of blood I would recommend she starts getting use to it by watching slightly gory stuff on tv , if it is the losing / giving blood I dont think her periods will cause any problems as it it is normally only a few mls at a time unless she is unlucky and has very heavy periods .

Does she go dizzy if she stands up quickly ?

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