Concerned about my tooth, how to deal with toothache and just generally anxious about it.

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Mustbethewine Thu 02-Apr-20 00:35:25

Bit of back story - I had PND for 5 years and in that time destroyed my teeth and took me a lot to make an appointment with the dentist (it was actually thanks to the support from a lot mumsnetters that I plucked up the courage to go!) I needed 8 fillings and 2 extractions (I know, bad!) I've now had 7 fillings and 1 extraction done and was meant to have the final filling and extraction done this Friday but my appointment was obviously cancelled due to the virus but for the past couple of days I've had a dull, constant ache around the tooth that needs extracting (never had pain there before) and I'm generally concerned I wont be able to be seen by anybody considering what's going on in the world. The pain is worse when sitting or lying down and when I'm stood up it's gone. I've also been grinding and clenching my teeth due to being anxious so I dont know if that has something to do with the pain? Any tips on how to ease the ache? Sorry for the ramble!

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cuddlepup Thu 02-Apr-20 01:02:18

Hi, sorry you're in pain. Toothache is one of the worst kinds of pain as you can't get 'at' it to bring relief

Initially, I used Clove Oil and when it stopped working, I used this and it worked for ages until I could get back to the dentist:

The Orajel company also do a 'Maximum Toothache Relief Double Medicated Gel with 20% Benzocaine to relieve oral pain' but looks like that can only be purchased direct online from them.

Like you, I have dental work outstanding and no idea when I can get it done but thankfully no pain or discomfort. Really hope you're able to find some relief soon flowers

stardust40 Thu 02-Apr-20 01:04:39

The toothache usually comes from infection so may be worth getting an antibiotic until you can get to a dentist to clear it. You can get them online if your dentist shut x

Jonb6 Thu 02-Apr-20 01:08:56

Your dentist should be able to prescribe amoxicillin or metronidazole after a telephone consult. Give them a call, they should have made provision for an emergency service.

Torvean Thu 02-Apr-20 02:12:22

Im in a similair situation. I had really severe toothache. Spoke to the dentist on the phone. They said it was likely an infection and prescribed amoxicillin. They also said to buy the temporary filling kits but they're pretty crap. Im on day 3 of antibiotics and pain is finally easing. They said if it didn't they would be able to do a root filling or extraction but they cant do fillings.

Mustbethewine Thu 02-Apr-20 09:47:18

Thank you everyone. I've been assessed over the phone by my dentist and he doesn't think its anything to do with my teeth and that its actually something to do with my sinuses. Waiting for a call back from my GP now.

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