Armpit pain

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Anonymummy19 Wed 01-Apr-20 22:09:23

Hi everyone,

So I started to get a severe sharp pain under my armpit last week, it comes and goes but is seriously painful when it does come, so much so that I would stop me in my tracks. When I would walk fast, run, sit down or stand up quickly, even if I put something like a clip board under my arm. I had my period last week but I never experience pain in my breasts or anything like this when I'm on my period so it was new to me.

The pain is still there, I can't run and I can feel a dull pain even when I have my bra on. I was just wondering is this something to be worried about, I know with the crisis we are in at the minute the GP's are maxed out and I don't want to be wasting their time but I'm just abit concerned about this.

Any thoughts on this would be great!

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Anonymummy19 Sat 04-Apr-20 21:38:09

Just want to give this a wee bump

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Beach11 Sat 04-Apr-20 21:39:49

Bumping for you

justasking111 Sat 04-Apr-20 21:42:27

If you are wearing an under wired bra, put it away, leave the bra off for a few days. My consultant following a mammogram at the hospital says push me pull yous are for nights out not every day wear, she says not otherwise.

Anonymummy19 Sat 04-Apr-20 23:25:32

Thank you so much for bumping and replying smile Because I am so flat chested I don't actually wear proper bras unless I'm going out at night or something, day to day and work I just wear pull over sports bra thingys. I'm so sick with worry, I keep checking and I feel like I can feel lumpy bits but I'm just wondering is it fatty tissue/bone, I really don't know and I don't want to seem stupid phoning my doctor and saying I think I have something wrong and then wasting their time because it's nothing at allblush

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justasking111 Sat 04-Apr-20 23:53:30

Talk to your GP about it, then you will have a better idea.

MrsEricBana Sat 04-Apr-20 23:56:32

Hi OP. Probably nothing but phoning GP is the right thing to do in this case.


Anonymummy19 Sun 05-Apr-20 08:00:17

Yeah I think I'll phone my doctor in the morning and see what they say. Thank you everyonesmile

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