Can you get the same 'flu twice

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JanewaysBun Wed 01-Apr-20 16:34:14

Just before Xmas my mum had proper flu (diagnosed). She now has it again albeit slightly milder (hasn't had the doctor out as wants to avoid catching CV) Is it possible to get the same strain twice?

She's been really sick/can't sleep/fatigued although I live 100 miles from her so don't have all the info.

It doesn't sound like CV but so worried, She's never been properly ill before and She's not "old" either sad

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willowpatterns Wed 01-Apr-20 16:45:40

There's usually more than one strain of 'flu doing the rounds, so maybe you can get it twice in the same year.

On the other hand... she could now have cv so perhaps it would be best to take necessary steps.

JanewaysBun Wed 01-Apr-20 17:02:32

Thanks willow, will do x

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