Best treatment for fungal nails

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Rockinghorse2019 Wed 01-Apr-20 09:24:37

Hi I have 3 fungal nails on one foot what are the best treatments?
I’ve been to the doctors they said they could give me medication but it could impact my kidneys so don’t want that. I don’t have any health issues.

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PlanDeRaccordement Wed 01-Apr-20 09:28:06

Take the medication. Topical things will not work.
It only affects your kidneys temporarily. Just cut back on alcohol, soda, coffee and drink more water while taking the medication.

Spam88 Wed 01-Apr-20 09:49:12

For three nails I'd take the medication.

dementedpixie Wed 01-Apr-20 09:52:36

Dh took the tablets for about 6 months. He got regular blood tests which were all fine. It was the only thing that worked after several OTC treatments didnt.

MrsPelligrinoPetrichor Wed 01-Apr-20 10:05:18

Golden seal tincture- it's bright yellow and you paint it on and works a treat. Ds had a fungal nail when he was 18 months and I used that as he was too little to use anything from the doctor. It worked very quickly. It does stain the nail bright yellow though so good to do it now before you're in sandals. As it paint it on try and get it under the nail as much as you can too.

Duchessofblandings Wed 01-Apr-20 10:06:23

Organic apple cider vinegar. Takes a couple of months, applied daily, but it worked for me.

Claireshh Wed 01-Apr-20 15:37:00

How long did the Golden Seal tincture take to work?

I’ve been using Mycosan for five or six months with no improvement.


HolyMerlot Wed 01-Apr-20 15:48:48


Seriously don't waste your time with anything else like topical treatments etc. I remember the doctor prescribing me Terbinafine for a 6 month period and, having never been on any sort of prescription before, I thought "bloody hell thats AGESSSS"......I finished them over a year ago now. I had the infection in the full nail on 9 out of 10 toes and the 6 month prescription cleared all of them up no problem and none has returned since. Best thing I ever did for myself and I wish I'd done it years earlier!

TulipsInAVase Wed 01-Apr-20 15:52:19

I agree with those who say take the medication. I faffed around for ages with various topical treatments when it was just a bit on one toe and ended up losing the whole nail on my big toe, the nail on my little toe was completely overtaken by fungus and there were marks on the other three. For two summers I couldn't wear open toed sandals.Terbinafine worked.

ShowerOfShite Wed 01-Apr-20 15:55:14

Another one saying take the medication.
I tried everything OTC and home remedies. Nothing worked until I was prescribed Terberafine.

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