Musuclar chest pain?

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AvocadoPrime Tue 31-Mar-20 18:17:59

I have been having pain in my chest for months. I have seen two doctors and had 2 different opinions. I breastfeed my 14 month old still who is heavy so I think its stained muscles. I am sure its muscular because it hurts when I push on it. Pain behind both breasts and sometimes into the armpit. Has anyone experienced this before and found ways to help it? The pain is terrible!

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TheFutureMrsHardy Thu 02-Apr-20 20:49:47

Could be costochondritis? My 1st attack landed me in hospital, they thought I was having a heart attack. I've never known pain like it. 6 months later, and lots of tests, my GP diagnosed it.

Pain is usually in my mid chest right around my sternum, or in the top of my back. It's playing me up at the moment, and the best form of relief is an LED heat massager and Lidocaine (local anaesthetic) patches.

AvocadoPrime Thu 02-Apr-20 21:58:58

One GP did say that. As I say, my pain is all over but it can be cant it? I'm about to look for a LED heat massager. Not sure if I can use patches as breastfeeding. Thank you! I'm sorry you are in pain! Its horrendous!

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AvocadoPrime Thu 02-Apr-20 22:00:09

@TheFutureMrsHardy if you have a link for a LED massager would you mind sharing please

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TheFutureMrsHardy Fri 03-Apr-20 16:47:45

The one I've got is very similar to this.

It takes a while to get to full heat but the relief when it does is amazing. I've tried microwave heat patches but they cool down too quickly.

You may be OK with Lidocaine patches as it is only a local anaesthetic.

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