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Marina Coil: Should it stay or should it go?

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lucyellensmum Tue 11-Sep-07 17:21:17

I have had my coil for about a year, no obvious problems, but - i have been diagnosed with depression and anxiety and ive read other threads saying that other woman have had depression due to the coil. I mentioned this to my doctor and she said becuase i had certain anxieties before i had the coil put in she doubted it, but i have been really really bad lately and i feel im getting worse. I am on ADs.

I have always had bad pmt and thought the coil would help because it would stop the periods. But now i feel like shit all the time, but that is the depression. The question is,,,,,,,,,,,does it stay or does it go?? Its so nice not to have to worry about contraception, the pill doesnt really suit me and i hate using condoms. I really dont want another baby and it would be too much strain on our family anyway. My DP has agreed to think about a vasectomy, but that is so final and he is incredably squeemish and i dont want to put him through that if he doesnt really want it, i worry he might lose his labido.

Oh, talking of labido - i dont have one, hardly AT ALL. My DP is starved of sex poor guy, and i used to be a rampant nympho - admittedly we are both exhausted and stressed so thats not a good aphrodisiac but ive never not wanted sex before.

So, what to do ladies, what do you think?

lucyellensmum Tue 11-Sep-07 18:18:32

bump - anyone???

damewashalot Tue 11-Sep-07 18:33:36

My dr wanted to put me on ads but i pushed to have mirena removed and my constant pmt went.
It suits some people but not others, sorry haven't got time for full answer as shouldn't be on here ignoring kidsblush
Try a search there should be loads of old threads.

Good luckgrin

whoops Tue 11-Sep-07 18:41:40

I had a mirena for 2.5 years, I started getting hair loss, mood swings etc but once I had it removed they stopped and dh told me I was a different person
Unfortunately I am not as lucky as you for him to agree to a vasectomy!

bubbleandsqueak Tue 11-Sep-07 18:44:27

I had my coil removed last year and haven't looked back! I now have a 2-3 light period instead of 7 heavy days and feel a lot better in general. I am still trying to get my other hald to have the snip but some how he never seems to have the time!!!

lucyellensmum Wed 12-Sep-07 08:59:53

yes, well ive had this period now for nearly a week and i have been EVIL to my DP - i think its time it was removed, but i'm reluctant not to have any contraception

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