Swollen finger

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Parakeet88 Mon 30-Mar-20 10:21:47

Can anyone help - I'm not sure whether this is anything to worry about or not.

The middle finger of my right hand has been extremely swollen for 3 or 4 days and seems to be getting worse. It feels like fluid, isn't itchy or particularly painful or hot and is mostly swollen and red around the knuckle. It's just uncomfortable and quite difficult to bend now.

It also seems to be spreading to my little finger on the same hand.

There are a few tiny pinpricks on the finger if you look really closely.

I've been doing stuff outside so wondered if it was a bite or something. But it also seems to match the symptoms of arthritis.

I'm just slightly concerned it might be an infection, and obviously can't get to the doctor at the moment. It's not hot though.

Any advice??

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sleepismysuperpower1 Mon 30-Mar-20 10:41:17

I'm not sure what it could be (not a medic) but could you try and get an appointment on the LIVI app (an app where you talk by video call to a doctor, its free if your area is eligible -it asks where your local gp is- or you pay as you go)

Parakeet88 Mon 30-Mar-20 10:57:50

Thank you, might give that a try.

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