Pain in forearm

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Livelovelife35 Sun 29-Mar-20 22:02:38

Partner had a operation 10 year ago on his forearm for compartment syndrome 5 years after he was having problems again after having 5 years of being pain free he had another op but since the 2nd op he has been having flare ups of pain and usually a couple of days using painkillers help and hes back to work etc but since new year hes been in constant pain.
The pain goes down one side of the forearm(inner) to the elbow and hand swells up and goes a different colour he was in hospital at the start of year for 5 days and they couldn't get to the bottom of it. Been to see a pain specialist at the start of this month and hes not even sure what it is either and referred him to see a hand and arm specialist which maybe now ages away cause of this virus.
He is currently off work with it (carer) and now pain is starting to move up toward shoulder
He was going to go up to hospital but I've said to him that's the last place he should be going due to this virus and theres a possibility he might not be seen and if the do take him in we wont be allowed to visit

Has anyone had this type of arm pain before?
Hes on tramadol paracetamol and pregabalin

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