Chest Infection for 3 months

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Bella444 Sun 29-Mar-20 10:13:10

Hoping for some advice. I’ve been coughing since around the beginning of January. Waited around 4 weeks then got a doctors appointment who set up blood test, spit test and X-ray. All came back clear except the bloods which showed an infection. Was put on antibiotics for a week, then a follow up appointment. Still coughing after a week, changing antibiotics and given an inhaler. Follow up phone call a week later with the doctor. Still coughing so was told to have another week of same antibiotics and another spit test was organised. Doctor had said normally they’d refer me to a chest specialist but at this current time she wouldn’t recommend it. I haven’t collected the spit test because of lock down - my husband is high risk.

Not sure where to go from here? Especially with what’s happening, I don’t want to waste anyone’s time. Please advise!

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