Brain tumour worries! Health anxiety?

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LDHarv Sun 29-Mar-20 07:44:38

Hello all,

After a good little while being health anxiety free I'm in a bad health anxiety spiral at the moment. I'm hoping by putting this down I'll get others who are in the same boat and people can say nothing is seriously wrong with me!

I‘m a 31 year old male, slightly overweight but generally ok (I hop

On 29th Feb 2029 I was sick (throwing up) on a Saturday evening - through the nose and mouth. This was after a day drinking and eating fatty food. The next day I was fine until late afternoon when I started to get a tension/pressure headache across my temples. I didn't worry too much and thought it would go by the next day. I've had this type of headache before, brain tumour worries before (about 6 years ago) and I got through it. Next day I woke up and it hadn't gone. It was a dull band type feeling, mainly on my temples and front of face around nose and eye sockets.

This hasn't gone at all over these past 4 weeks - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. A nose feels a little stuffy but I've had a sinus infection before and it doesn't feel 100% like that. Last few days I've started to worry about my vision - blury/unfocused eyes when looking at something for a period of time, especially at a TV or PC, and it clears when a blink. I also have a slight sensitivity to bright light like the sun and eyes feel sore.

I have also started to get a strange feeling in the right side of my face and body - not numb but like a weird tingle type feeling, mainly between my ear and jaw (cheek area). My ears have started to have the odd sharp pain. Headaches have been consistent with the odd pain or blocked feeling. I can exercise as normal, I don't have any balance etc issues or speech. The headache does seem to be worse in the morning (more pressure) when I wake up buy ok when laying down. I do feel more pressure, especially above the nose and around it when bending over. I've also had some muscle twitching which I've had before with MND/ALS fears.

I've been (obviously) googling a lot, trying to get any answer that I'm ok. Due to the lockdown I'm unable to see a GP or get my vision tested (though I did have it tested about a month ago and nothing major came up - they took photo of eye and did pressure test a well).

Is this anything to be seriously concerned about? My main worry is Brain tumour which makes me very anxious so anything that helps put my mind to rest on that front (why it isn’t) would be great. I keep trying to think I wouldn’t get all of these symptoms so quickly and at the same time.

Anyone in the same boat or has had this type of thing before that can give me some advice/support that will help? Thanks as always forum!

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Egghead68 Sun 29-Mar-20 10:40:49

Seeking reassurance is only going to feed your anxiety.

If you are worried about your health you should not be eating fatty foods, being overweight or drinking alcohol more than occasionally - maybe channel the anxiety into adopting new health habits.

You might want to look at

There are also some helpful online guides about health anxiety.

LDHarv Sun 29-Mar-20 11:23:17

Thanks for that website! Really good resource

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