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Do i bother thedoctor, lumps on back tongue

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PristineCondition Sat 28-Mar-20 16:07:55

My tonsil area of the mouth has felt odd for a few days, not coughy or sore just...odd

Today right on the back of my tongue there are large lumps.
Is it worth calling a doctor? Mines only doing telephone apps due to corona and i cant decide if its worth it

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Shinyfloors Sun 29-Mar-20 09:55:44

I had this early February lasting 4-5 weeks.
Raised red lumps on the far back of the tongue, sometimes with white spots and noticeable everytime I swallowed.
Gp told me nothing to worry about so I'm guessing just a minor infection?
Gargling with salt water helped.
But yes it was odd and have never had that before.

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