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MRSA-advice, my grandad has it.

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jenk1 Tue 11-Sep-07 10:44:38

My grandad had a stroke last week, now he has MRSA.
he is in his own room and im planning to go and see him later today but i know nothing about this, i know its contagious but then why are they saying its ok for visitors to go and see him?

vole3 Tue 11-Sep-07 12:40:25

MRSA - methycillin resistant staphylococcus aureus, to give it its proper name.
We all carry bacteria as part of our natural skin flora, staph aureus being one of them. MRSA is a type of staph aureus which is resistant to one of the high end antibiotics, which means they have to bring out the 'big guns' if it enters the body via a wound, line insertion, or it infects the lungs due to being on a ventilator or via a urinary catheter.
If you are fit and well it will not be a problem to you. Follow the procedures as outlined by the ward staff i.e. wash your hands before and after visiting your grandad and use handgel as required, some places will also ask you to wear plastic aprons / gloves. Dependent on where he has it they may ask you to do other things too. Don't sit on his bed, don't take him flowers as other things like pseudomonas can grow in the water, don't take your kids in - mainly because he will be feeling below par with everyhting that has happened, but he will be cheered by seeing a familiar face

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