Isolation for two step brothers?

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Kel9 Fri 27-Mar-20 09:03:41

Hi ladies

Hope you are all indoors and doing well.

Just a question! My son lives with me and my fiancé. I have a god coparenting relationship with my sons dad and we tend to do 50/50 care as we are both across the road-ish from each other.

My fiancé has a son too who he only sees on Saturdays. (His son has chooses not to stay,long story)

Now currently my fiancé is off his work and will be going to get his son during the week to break his week up. The only concern we have is... should we be mixing the boys? They technically are not in the same house hold. I know our government has said that you can still see step children but he didn’t stipulate otherwise.

I know this sounds silly as some would say of course you can let them mix... but what’s the difference between that and then going in play dates? 🤔🙈

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BillysMyBunny Fri 27-Mar-20 09:07:35

If your step-son is coming to stay in the household with you, your DP and your son then yes, you can let them mix because they will then be in the same household. This is allowed under the government guidelines.

If your DP is going to stay with his son elsewhere then you and your son do not meet up with him as they are staying in a different household.

Kel9 Fri 27-Mar-20 09:13:26

He doesn’t stay he only visits! So my son doesn’t see him often but given my partners off now? 🙈

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hotstepper4 Sat 28-Mar-20 17:51:21

We're having dss10 and dss7 here on Tuesday and again for the weekend. I'll be mixing them with bs9.. We're a small household and the house is small, plus bs is beside himself with excitement as he's not seen them for 3 weeks. I don't aww that I have a choice

Naillig222 Sun 29-Mar-20 09:24:48

My DS isn't going to his dad's house during this. They chat regularly on the phone for now but it's too much of a risk to be spreading it from house to house at the moment. I'm in ROI and it's being taken very seriously. He'll see loads of his dad when this settles down a bit.

Kel9 Wed 01-Apr-20 08:14:20

Yep that’s my concern is that we can’t let them have a play date because it’s good for them!! I’m a key worker also so I have to work! So my son is fine as he lives in the same household but he doesn’t!! When my son is at his dads and I’m not there he’s been seeing his son... then I come home and dettol everything lol but just so unsure!

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