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Bashed elbow and still can't bear weight - reassurance!

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Flamesparrow Tue 11-Sep-07 07:56:57

I already have a sympathy thread going for this blush

I bashed my elbow getting in the car yesterday afternoon, to start with I thought it was just funny bone style hurting, then as the afternoon went on, the pain didn't go away.

It is tender to touch, but not leap through the ceiling, and I can straighten it nearly all the way without yelling... BUT I can't bear much weight on it (just attempted to cut through a chicken n mushroom slice and I had to just press down on the knife with my good hand because it hurt to press).

My gut instinct is that if it was serious it would hurt MORE and I must have just bashed it funny and bruised a weird bit. But I wanna check that that is a sound instinct to follow and not that there are 1000s of people in the world with only moderately painful broken elbows grin

BecauseImWorthIt Tue 11-Sep-07 08:31:38

I slipped on our stairs and managed to bash my elbow on the way down, and suspect I did whatever you've done!

It hurt for quite a while, and was definitely a bit weaker, but all is fine now.

If you can straighten it without yelling then I would think it's probably just badly bruised. (But I'm not a doctor, blah, blah, blah!)

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