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DBML Wed 25-Mar-20 14:41:18

Hello there,

The last few days I’ve had a ‘white noise’ type of sound deep in my right ear. It’s constant, unless I turn the TV up very loud.

I’ve decided (🤔) it’s tinnitus and probably not serious, but it’s really annoying and upsetting and giving me headaches. It’s quite loud and as I said, has been constant for days.

Has anyone got any tips or hints to get rid? I’ve tried tugging my ears, pinching and blowing nose, filling ear with water. Just about anything. Nothing works.

Many thanks

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agill Wed 25-Mar-20 14:50:28

hmm tinnitus is serious as it could be a symptom of hearing loss. I would suggest getting it checked out but given the current lockdown situation not advisable as it's not an emergency situation. Do you work in a noisy environment? Have you been exposed to loud noises for an extended period of time? If not then hopefully it's something temporary that should go away. fingers crossed x

DBML Wed 25-Mar-20 14:53:33

Thank you for responding. Not really, I’m a teacher, but I don’t really have a lot of excessive noise to deal with.

It’s come on very suddenly the past few days, but we’ve all been a bit anxious and stressed out, so I was thinking that may have triggered it.

You’re right, I may need my ears checked once we’re out of lockdown.
I really hope someone has an idea for me to cope with it in the meantime.

Thank you again!

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babyinthacorner Wed 25-Mar-20 15:04:58

I’m a teacher and I have tinnitus! It came on very suddenly a few years ago. I was devastated when the consultant told me as there’s no cure however he did say that it can be stress related and I was advised to do something to relieve stress levels. I took up yoga and have never looked back. I have learned to meditate and it really does help. I’ve done some reading around it myself and there is some research that links tinnitus to jaw tension and this resonated with me as I’ve always had a tight jaw. My symptoms come and go but I have found that when it comes on, if I really focus on completely relaxing my face and jaw, it alleviates them almost immediately.
I hope that’s of some help to you, definitely get it checked out when you can x

DBML Wed 25-Mar-20 15:29:10

Thank you babyinthecorner.

I’ll try that! I’ve wanted to try yoga for a while. Maybe it’s time to start.

Thank you 😊

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MatildeHidalgo Wed 25-Mar-20 18:33:45

Have some background noise on - music, radio, audio book - not to block out the tinnitus but so your brain will stop focusing on it and you'll learn to habituate.

Research has shown that it's how your brain reacts to the tinnitus that determines how you will cope. So if you start panicking and trying to shut it out it will have a worse impact than if you just think "sod it" and carry on as normal.

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