Any physios etc able to advise on my MRI results?

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MRIexplainedplease Wed 25-Mar-20 11:54:06

I've just seen the results of an MRI on my knee (I hurt it last summer jumping onto an inflatable in a pool blush) and whilst I realise it's not life and death like some of the stuff going on in the world, I was wondering if anyone could advise on exercises I could have a go at to start strengthening/helping it recover whilst we're all at home? I knew I'd torn a ligament back in August, but there appears to be some meniscal damage? MRI Report here:

There is degenerative signal seen within the medial meniscus. However,
no meniscal tear is identified.
There is prominent swelling and oedema of the medial collateral
ligament consistent with a previous partial tear.
The cartilage within the tibiofemoral compartments is maintained.
Intact cruciate and lateral collateral ligaments.
Normal patellofemoral joint congruence. There is some oedema within
the the supralateral Hoffa's fat pad which may suggest patellar
Quadriceps and patellar tendons appear normal.

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ChelseaCat Wed 25-Mar-20 12:04:23

Its difficult to be prescriptive without knowing your age/past medical history/general fitness etc but I would start with core strengthening exercises. You’ll also need to strengthen your quads and hamstrings, and also your glutes in all likelihood. Pilates or old school Callanetics style exercises will target a lot of these areas. There are lots of exercises available on line, but the key thing is not to push yourself if it hurts your injured area.

ChelseaCat Wed 25-Mar-20 12:05:20

Also, it’s probably worth doing any strengthening exercises on both legs - to stop you getting wonky!!

MRIexplainedplease Wed 25-Mar-20 12:29:32

Thanks Chelsea! Im 54, was fast walking the dog type fit before I hurt my knee but been rather inactive since. Had a knee op on the same knee 20 yrs ago for something unrelated (plica removal, it was stopping full range of movement??) I am already wonky enough so will indeed do both sides! Thanks for the pointers x

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ChelseaCat Wed 25-Mar-20 13:56:06

👍🏼 Good luck!

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