Otitis externa, help please!

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NotPawPatrolAgain Wed 25-Mar-20 07:31:54

Hi, I have been diagnosed with an ear infection and on my second say of antibiotics - amoxicillin. I have never had an ear infection like this one. I was recently told I have eczema in my ear due to a constant itch. Anyway, 2 days ago it became quite painful, hence the infection diagnosis. My ear canal is so swollen it is closed, the outside of my ear is also red and swollen, my jaw hurts, i can't bite down so soup only. But what is getting me is the pressure in my ear. I feel like someone has blown up a balloon in there and this is where the pain is coming from. The area in front my ear and behind is also tender. Painkillers aren't really touching it. Not sure what advice I am looking for, just someone to say stick with the antibiotics and it will improve!

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Hill1991 Thu 26-Mar-20 22:56:25

@notpawpatrolagain I would try taking a decongestant as the ear canal can get blocked but make an appointment with your gp

Eieieieiei Mon 07-Sep-20 17:57:45

Hi NotPawPatrolAgain,
How did the amoxicillin treatment work out for you? Sounds like you had otis externa which had begun to spread. Hope you are okay now?
Have just been prescribed oral antibiotics for an outer ear infection so just doing a quick google (probably not a good idea - but hey ho)
Thanks for any update.

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