Emotions during Coronavirus

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Kel9 Tue 24-Mar-20 21:26:24

Help I need to vent.

I’ve been on a 7 day quarantine from last Monday I had cold/flu symptoms felt horrible. Due to this my son who had been with his dad the night before remained with his dad for the whole week. I’ve called him everyday and he’s desperate to see me, he’s only 7 and I’m so upset I miss him deeply.

My 7 days are up today and I’m due to go back to work tomorrow (I’m a key worker) then get my son after work I’ve been so excited, but still got a fever (but no high temp) and hot ears just feel yuk. His dad thinks I need to take more time off I’m feeling so upset I just want to see him. He’s so upset and that makes me feel worse. I might have to take another few days off and I’m just gutted, I’m so over this!! I’ve cried most of the night, my heart feels so heavy.

I know I’m not alone just need to let it out xx

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Torvean Wed 25-Mar-20 03:40:48

Not being picky but how can you have a fever but not high temoetature. Its one or the other . Over 37.8 is a fever and you would need to self isolate again.

Mumsie43 Wed 25-Mar-20 04:00:44

When I felt like this I started to message people, get some distractions and limit the covid info.
Here was are advised to check in on what's going on but do not sit glued to the pandemic.
I would delay both work and the return of your son.
Could you phone twice a day start the day conversation then a what did you do end of day conversation which is likely to perk yourself up.
Have a look for a distraction or sit outside your door around the garden. Break the same it may help.

Kel9 Wed 25-Mar-20 09:39:07

Thanks, I’m so upset. My temp is showing normal but I’m hot to touch, however I’m now aware you don’t need a high temp you could just be hot to touch.

I’ve not taken chances I’m staying indoors and I’ll see my son hopefully at the weekend 7 days for me wasn’t enough time to fully recover. X

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Kel9 Wed 25-Mar-20 09:52:30

Mumsie43 thank you I’m going to open my front door and get in the garden today. Suppose to feel like this is to be expected. Xx

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