Very worried about new mark on thumb nail

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Somethingsosimple Tue 24-Mar-20 07:55:40

I have huge anxiety anyway. Noticed a mark on my thumb nail 3 weeks ago. I’ve been trying cut my nail down to see if I can cut it out but it’s still there. Do you think this looks worrying?

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OrganzaLopez Tue 24-Mar-20 09:18:25

I wouldnt worry. Stop cutting it and just wait and see.

MrsPelligrinoPetrichor Tue 24-Mar-20 09:28:59

That doesn't look sinister. Leave it alone and see.

Somethingsosimple Tue 24-Mar-20 10:52:08

Thank you. Massive anxiety at the moment. You have both really helped calm me down

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MrsPelligrinoPetrichor Tue 24-Mar-20 11:56:54

flowersbrewcake x

Flyingarcher Tue 24-Mar-20 21:17:34

Hi. If you are worried that it is cancer, I have just had a scare of this type - toe nail, long vertical line. It stays in the nail bed. Mine was massive! Went to see consultant who was lovely and it was a haematoma. Nail now grown and all gone. Yours is no where near the nail bed. It should grow up with the nail.

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