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virus what else can i do?

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meandmy Sun 09-Sep-07 22:28:00

my dd 15mo has got a virus off my sisters dd she keeps being sick i am offering diaoralyte in small amounts regular she has eaten nothing since breakfast she has had calpol which didnt stop down long what else can i do i feel so helpless she is bringing up bile it is really upsetting her im gratefull for any advice

meandmy Sun 09-Sep-07 22:32:54

anyone plaese i feel like crap mom seeing her like this

bonkerz Sun 09-Sep-07 22:42:16

you are doing all you can. I know its horrid but you cant do any more. Give plenty of juice or water, anything she will drink really. Maybe offer toast or biscuit. Keep up the calpol and nurofen. Loads of cuddles. Its horrid i know but it will pass.

meandmy Sun 09-Sep-07 22:46:42

thanks she looks horrid was asleep and being sick sad last time she was ill she was only cpl mo so this is a shock as she knows what she wants normally

meandmy Sun 09-Sep-07 22:47:50

milk good idea or bad?

bonkerz Sun 09-Sep-07 22:52:59

bad idea cos its not nice coming up again!!

meandmy Sun 09-Sep-07 22:56:09

thanks i dont drink milk so dont know bout it not being nice

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