Unexplained bruising

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Itchbruise Fri 20-Mar-20 12:45:13

Sorry bad photo.

I don't know what to do. Three days ago I found bruising on one upper thigh. Next day both thighs. No injury, no pain.

Not sure if related. Past four days I've been extremely itchy. All over but mainly lower legs and feet. I've scratched but no bruising where scratched. Just a little red. Weird itching. Almost sort of warm tingling too. It's worse on warmth. Bath made it really bad. Lower legs and feet awful at night unless I pull duvet off.

Possibly irrelevant. A week ago I kept getting sudden urgent need to pee and leaking before I made it to the loo. It's ok now. Lasted a few days. Still painful when I pee but only sometimes confused

Again possibly irrelevant. I've had a weird achy pain in my left lower leg, ankle and top of foot for a year. Every so often it swells and goes numb. Swells in hot weather and hot baths.

A pharmacist suggested low platelets or anaemia. I had low ferritin a few years ago. Not been tested since and wasn't prescribed anything for it.

GP today said probably just eczema and to moisture. She didn't see thighs (they're only doing phone appointments because of Covid) and I don't think I described it properly. Forgot to mention the bladder issue. Should I do a private video appointment so doctor can see bruising?

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loveyoutothemoon Fri 20-Mar-20 17:39:09

You on any medication?

Itchbruise Fri 20-Mar-20 23:47:25

I was on codeine for several months after a back injury but recently stopped. No problems when I was taking it. There's another bruise now. On my lower back. My hands feel hot and itchy too. I'm going to book another appointment but be good if anyone has any idea what it is.

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loveyoutothemoon Sat 21-Mar-20 10:18:24

I think you need to chat to a medical professional as soon as you can, as you have pain when you urinate too.

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